• Only pay a commission on sales
  • Eliminate Pay-per-Click costs
  • Increase sales/reduce CPA
  • 100% risk-free
  • Automated "Long-Tail" Search

Perfect Storm Media was founded in 2005 with a simple goal in mind; to convert advertising expenses into sales commission on completed sales. When you make a sale, we get paid; otherwise we don't. For too long the advertising and marketing service industries have been making misleading claims about performance with too little accountability. By the time you find out the truth, your precious advertising spend is gone. Google has made great strides in this regard with the "Pay-per-Click" business model, but we are taking it to the next step, so that you "Pay-per-Sale".

Innovation and accountability go hand in hand at Perfect Storm Media. Because we bear the risk of advertising not converting into sales commission for any of a number of reasons, we have built a great system that we continue to improve every single day. The ability to track online and offline sales allows us to develop highly automated processes, optimization technologies, and algorithms, all of which are built to control and manage these risks and increase sales for you. Aligning our incentives 100% with the interests of our customers is a powerful proposition that has served us well in a fast-changing online advertising world and the evolving Google ecosystem.

Tom Nabielec
Founder, CEO
Perfect Storm Media Ltd.