Chart of Internet Freedom from the Economist

Perfect Storm Media wins “Best Innovation Award” at the 2011 Best Business Awards –

Commenting on Perfect Storm Media’s Award for Best Innovation, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges said: “Perfect Storm Media have managed to succeed in an area that up to now has been difficult to achieve – creating a Pay-per-Sale search engine marketing system rather than the Pay-per-Click approach that tends to dominate online marketing. The sophisticated technology devised by Perfect Storm Media also tracks leads back to the keyword used, crucial information in the optimisation strategy. The system is an excellent example of innovation at its best that puts Perfect Storm Media at the forefront of technological advance in business.”

“Best Paid-Search Partnership” – Nice Comment from A4U Awards Judge but what about our business model?

The judge had this very positive comment about our shortlisting for “Best Paid-Search Partnership” at the 2010 A4U Awards:

“Judges were impressed with the value-add tools and dynamic technology that has led to a strong and sustainable partnership with their client Seatwave, in turn enabling significant incremental revenue to be driven on a mass scale”

Yes, that is all true, but we think the most attractive part of the relationship is that its 100% “Pay-per-Sale” meaning we get paid a commission on sales delivered and pay for all Google Adwords and other costs involved. So in fact we are somewhere between the traditional “Affiliates” which the A4U forum serves and search engine marketing agencies, which A4U now encompasses in its reach in the digital world. We look forward to demonstrating how we can combine the best traffic (Google search) with the best business model for the client (Pay-per-Sale),

For Those Getting Long Email Disclaimers from People at Companies That Have Been Sued Waaay Too Much

Over the last few years I have noticed that my inbound emails have been appended with longer and longer “disclaimers” which essentially drown out all of the actual “content” in the emails. These disclaimers begin by a) disavowing  anything actually said in the emails b) threatening legal action against anyone who might misuse the content and c) warnings about the sensitive nature of the content they may contain and d) asking for any return of inadvertently sent emails. If you believe that you have spent entirely too much of your life scrolling through this legalese, AND that you and your business have nothing to fear by being honest and open in your communications, then please join us in attaching a “Non-Disclaimer” to your emails such as the one we have recently launched at the bottom of our emails…

NON-DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed herein ARE actually those of the author and Perfect Storm Media Ltd, which may be surprising to those of you accustomed to reading long email disclaimers by companies that get sued a lot by lawyers.  Perfect Storm Media WILL take full responsibility for comments we make in these emails. We believe our offering is so simple and risk-free that we believe we can speak freely over email. More on Internet Freedom @

Why “Pay-per-Lead” Just Won’t Work in Some Markets and the Need for Pay-per-Sale

Online marketers who work with non-eCommerce companies will be aware of “lead generation” as an online business model, and its shortcomings. The “lead generation” company will drive traffic through nefarious means, such as offering prizes, sweepstakes, gambling, or porn credits. The lower the quality of the traffic, the lower the price-per-lead. Since the quality of the leads cannot really be known until the leads are delivered, the Lead Generators thrive by finding new customers who trial batches of leads then move on to the next one in the hope of finding the next “sucker.” This drives down the price-per-lead to a level which generally does not reflect the quality of leads delivered through search engine marketing, particularly through Google.

Well, even with PPC search on Google, a similar dynamic exists: Here’s a quick example for, the leading online pawnbroker in the UK. We recently were shortlisted for the A4U Awards in the Best Innovation category for Borro. Anyone who’s done marketing in the consumer finance industry knows that lead quality varies greatly, largely because customers who are most in need of credit generally cannot get it. We deliver to email and telephone leads, generated through Google search ads. Their sales team in turn closes the leads and pays us a commission when a loan is funded, and only then. Some leads are generated through terms such as “fast loan” while others are generated through terms such as “pawn my diamond ring.” It turns out the latter terms convert from LEAD to LOAN at a rate which is 75x greater than the former, meaning that our bids on Google should be 75x for the later than the former. Our system captures this information via a feedback loop so that Google bids are adjusted to the desired levels based on that last step of Lead-to-Sale conversion rates. Of course this requires accurate telephone call tracking.

Perfect Storm Media Shortlisted for 3 A4U Awards in 2010!

Perfect Storm was shortlisted for 3 categories at the 2010 A4U Awards (Affiliates4U). The awards “reward excellence and innovation as chosen by a panel of judges from the affiliate and digital marketing sector and by the community.” PSM was shortlisted for “Innovation” for our work with, for “Best Paid Search Partnership” with Seatwave and for “Best Lead-Generation Campaign.” I’d like to thank each of our clients for their help. In total we have worked for 9 years with these clients.

Clearly the A4U judges have placed a focus on ROI and figures this year, and Perfect Storm’s submissions were received favourably; 3 for 3 this year. I’m following Kieron Donoghue, one of A4U judges, also the owner of on Twitter ( who expressed some frustration that agencies weren’t putting any ROI figures into the submissions. Thank you A4U for taking a results-oriented approach to the judging this year!

What Are They Scared Of? China’s Leaked Official Guidelines On How To Handle Google Pullout Stories

The below is an excerpt from a Telegraph article summarizing China’s rules on how to treat the Google story. It makes for interesting reading. What are they scared of?

On March 23, the Propaganda ministry (sometimes given the Orwellian nickname of the Ministry of Truth) told editors and web sites:

All chief editors and managers:

Google has officially announced its withdrawal from the China market. This is a high-impact incident. It has triggered netizens’ discussions which are not limited to a commercial level. Therefore please pay strict attention to the following content requirements during this period:

1. Only use Central Government main media (website) content; do not use content from other sources

2. Reposting must not change title

3. News recommendations should refer to Central government main media websites

4. Do not produce relevant topic pages; do not set discussion sessions; do not conduct related investigative reporting;

5. Online programs with experts and scholars on this matter must apply for permission ahead of time. This type of self-initiated program production is strictly forbidden.

6. Carefully manage the commentary posts under news items.

B. Forums, blogs and other interactive media sections:

1. It is not permitted to hold discussions or investigations on the Google topic.

2. Interactive sections do not recommend this topic, do not place this topic and related comments at the top.

3. All websites please clean up text, images and sound and videos which attack the Party, State, government agencies, Internet policies with the excuse of this event.

4. All websites please clean up text, images and sound and videos which support Google, dedicate flowers to Google, ask Google to stay, cheer for Google and others have a different tune from government policy.

5. On topics related to Google, carefully manage the information in exchanges, comments and other interactive sessions.

6. Chief managers in different regions please assign specific manpower to monitor Google-related information; if there is information about mass incidents, please report it in a timely manner.

We ask the Monitoring and Control Group to immediately follow up monitoring and control actions along the above directions; once any problems are discovered, please communicate with respected sessions in a timely manner.

Addition guidelines:

Do not participate in and report Google’s information/press releases – Do not report about Google exerting pressure on our country via people or events – Related reports need to put [our story/perspective/information] in the center, do not provide materials for Google to attack relavent policies of our country – Use talking points about Google withdrawing from China published by relevant departments.