• Only pay a commission on sales
  • Eliminate Pay-per-Click costs
  • Increase sales/reduce CPA
  • 100% risk-free
  • Automated "Long-Tail" Search

1. This sounds too good to be true. So what's the catch?

  • There's no catch. Perfect Storm Media was built on the premise that there should be no "catch" in the online advertising market: in fact, our terms and conditions guarantee it. You pay us only a % of sales, no management fees, and no "Pay-per-Click" costs with Google, Yahoo, and MSN. We guarantee to better the results you are currently able to get through your internal efforts or through your agency. It's that simple. Our short-term contracts also give you the flexibility to re-price with us at short notice (30 days), so it truly is a risk-free proposition for you. We make money through more efficient optimisation of the spend on search engines, NOT by adding an extra layer of cost into the system. Our customers are available to have a discussion with you.

2. What is the cost to me? Or what % of sales?

  • It really varies based on your industry and your website, but it will ALWAYS be a discount on the commission you are currently paying if you count your current Google AdWords spend divided by the sales generated.

3. How are you able to achieve superior results?

  • Our campaigns typically run over 500,000 keywords per customer, each individually advertised and optimised by our system. How many does your own agency run for you? Over 5 years we have built our own proprietary software system for optimising Google AdWords, Yahoo, and MSN via "APIs" into their systems, thereby increasing conversion rates, tracking and optimising lead results, and managing the risk at every stage of the sales process. We even do phone number replacement on your site, if necessary.

4. Can you work along with another agency or with our own Google AdWords account?

  • Yes! We currently do that for some of our largest clients. Google will show either our ad or yours (AdWords only shows one ad for each display URL), generally depending on which keyword has the higher Quality Score and overlap will be minimal since we usually run 250,000+ keywords in our accounts. All of our traffic and results will be clearly separated and tagged through our system, which will have our cookie placed on the user's computer to track our sales. You will also be able to track our traffic separately from yours.

5. Do you work on a "Pay-per-Lead" or "per-Call" basis?

  • Sometimes, but only if there is not enough data for us to take on the risk of conversion from lead to sale. We certainly prefer to work on a "per-sale" basis, because we believe in the quality of our leads. Many "lead generation" providers have artificially driven down "Price-per-Lead" through poor-quality traffic and incentive programs such as gambling giveaways or other prizes. Our traffic is not tainted by any of these.

6. Do you come up with keywords yourself?

  • Yes, after consultation with you. We have over 10 million keywords running in our clients' accounts currently. We will build a keyword strategy for you using our own database, and reports from any campaigns that you have run already. We will continually add new keywords to your account, at a rate of tens of thousands per month.

7. Why should I use the PSM system instead of starting my own AdWords campaign?

  • The answer is simple. To increase your sales, and lower and guarantee your costs as a % of sale. We'll beat your internal search results, and guarantee that in our pricing. This doesn't even include the cost or the headache of running the AdWords account yourself.

8. What if we make improvements to our site or offering, and improve conversion rates? Will you be able to decrease the sales commission or increase the sales?

  • Yes, of course we will work with you to improve the conversion rates on your website. Also, since you are not bound by a long-term contract (only 30-day notice), you are always free to adjust the commission rates over time to hit your internal targets for % of spend on search engine marketing. This is one way you can "dial-up or dial-down" the service anytime, depending on your business requirements.

9. How do you cope with the seasonality and cycles, for example, during days of week, or months of the year?

  • Our system takes seasonality and time-of-day, day-of-week fluctuations into account, based on your own business history and the history of similar customers using our system.

10. Do you send traffic to my website or do you create your own?

  • For e-commerce customers, we send traffic to the customers' own websites. So, having a good website increases the chance that we may be able to take you on as a client.
  • For our "leads" customers, we also typically use the customers' site but we are able to build simple "landing pages" for an offering.

11. How do you handle bidding on our branded terms?

  • We typically do not do "branded" bidding, so you can continue to do that yourself. The low cost/conversion you typically get on branded terms is attributable to your own brand-building, so we exclude it from the analysis to determine your commission %, unless you'd rather have us bid on brand terms.

12. What software code do you need to install on our website?

  • There are a few snippets of code that you'll need to install on your site, all of which should take no more than 3-5 hours. If you give us access, we can install it for you at no extra cost. We also have several "thank you" page pixels as well as code for dynamic replacement of telephone numbers and headlines if required

13. How do you monitor leads and commission received from them?

  • For our "leads" customers, we require feedback on each lead to make sure you have received it, to optimise the system for future improvements, and to tally up the commission due to us at the end of the month. Each lead you receive, whether from a phone call or form, will be clearly marked as a PSM lead. You will also have access to an online system where leads can be viewed, downloaded, and the lead status can be input and sales tallied to determine the commission due to us. We do require you to give us a full reconciliation of all of the leads we send to you.

14. How do you update our ads for products which are newly added or products that are deleted because
they are out of stock?

  • Ideally, we would get a "data feed"; your list of products in a data file of some sort (we can handle many different formats). This way, new products added to the site can be advertised right away and out-of-stock or discontinued items can be taken off so as not to waste any Pay-per-Click spend. This process is fully automated by our system.

15. What information do you require from me and what are the next steps?

  • We'll need to discuss your business and your sales goals, including your marketing history
  • Then we'll need to discuss with you two pieces of information:
    • How much are you spending on AdWords at present? We can get this from some AdWords reports, which we will request from you
    • What volume or percentage of sales results from your current search engine spend?
  • If you don't know what the sales results are currently because you have not been tracking telephone calls or separating emails out, then we can either set up a benchmarking period or you can give us your best estimates

16. What kind of clients do you take on?

  • We wish we could help all clients who come to us. However, we cannot take on all clients, as some businesses, unfortunately, are not suitable for search engine marketing.
  • If you are spending at least £2000 or $3,000 per month on Google AdWords it is very likely that we can help you.
  • Even if you are not currently spending on AdWords, let us know what your business is, your website URL, and your goals, and we will take a look to see if we can help you.

17. What if we don't currently do search engine marketing? Can you still help us?

  • We would certainly help if we think search engine marketing could work for you. Tell us a bit about yourself and your business on our website form, and we will take a look and possibly follow up with you to discuss your business a bit more.

18. Do you do organic SEO, or "natural search" optimisation?

  • We currently do not offer "SEO" on a Pay-per-Sale basis but it's something we may do in the future. Nothing we do will interfere with your own "SEO" efforts, even if we build our own site to advertise your offering.

19. How do you handle ad copy? Will I retain any control over ad copy??

  • Yes, absolutely! We will create the ads but based on a formula that you approve of. We will also run display ads where it makes sense, with creative inputs provided by you.