Perfect Storm Media's Pay-per-Sale Search Engine Marketing System: Risk-Free,
Increase Sales, Save Money

Winner 2012 Global Business Excellence Awards

Unique Search Offering - Save Money and Guarantee CPA

Reduce CPA
  • Perfect Storm Media guarantees better results than your current search engine marketing efforts by pricing on a CPA basis; PSM pays the Google costs, you pay only a CPA for sales delivered.
  • We will contract in a 10-20% reduction of current Google CPA costs relative to existing search engine marketing efforts 
  • Zero setup cost & no upfront fees = 100% risk-free to you
  • Well-known brands are benefiting from PSM's unique long-tail offering
Seatwave LOVEFilm Bibby Consulting Services Borro Very Just Eat

Increase Sales through "Long-Tail" Search Reach

Increase Sales
  • We deliver value through running more efficient search ads on Google, Yahoo, MSN, showing a precisely matched ad text for each keyword entered (typically 500,000 ads or more per client)
  • Perfect Storm's proprietary Pay-per-Sale system and algorithm (Monsoon) increases sales for you if working alongside existing search efforts. Typical increases are 50-60% within 3-4 months but can be much higher.
  • Perfect Storm's system automatically pauses/unpauses and creates new ads based on available inventory in your product feed; we cut out underperforming traffic and automatically mine the existing traffic for opportunities and new keyword variations.

Risk Free

  • Pricing structure unique to each client depending on sector, products, services etc Perfect Storm Media can work alongside current search marketing agencies and affiliates
  • No long term commitment. Service is purely based on performance so if you aren't happy with performance you are free to end service within 30 days

Intelligent Reporting

  • The client has full transparency into the sales that we deliver on a real-time basis.
  • Our Account Manager works proactively with the client to increase conversion rate benefiting you and us

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