Perfect Storm Media Wins 2011 Best Business Award for Best Innovation

February 21st, 2011- (London, UK)- Perfect Storm Media Ltd., the London-based pioneer of the "Pay-per-Sale" search engine marketing business model, has been awarded the 2011 Best Business Award for Best Innovation.

Commenting on Perfect Storm Media's Award for Best Innovation, Andrew Areoff, Chairman of the Judges said:

 "Perfect Storm Media have managed to succeed in an area that up to now has been difficult to achieve - creating a Pay-per-Sale search engine marketing system rather than the Pay-per-Click approach that tends to dominate online marketing. The sophisticated technology devised by Perfect Storm Media also tracks leads back to the keyword used, crucial information in the optimization strategy. The system is an excellent example of innovation at its best that puts Perfect Storm Media at the forefront of technological advance in business."

Founder and CEO of Perfect Storm Media, Tom Nabielec, commented:

 "It is an honour to have our work in search engine marketing recognized as Best Innovation this year. Since day one we have focused on what our clients ultimately want from online advertising: online sales. In short, if the client makes a sale, we get paid; if not, we don't. We look forward to the continued acceptance of our unique business model within the industry."

About Perfect Storm Media

Perfect Storm Media, founded in 2005 by Tom Nabielec, converts "pay-per-click" Google Adwords advertising spend into a commission expense as a percentage of sales via its unique "Pay-per-Sale" Search Engine Marketing system. The client only pays a percentage of sales without any advertising expense whatsoever. For more information about Perfect Storm Media, please visit our website at:


Contact Information:

Tom Nabielec- Founder and CEO
242 Acklam Road, Studio 114
London W10 5JJ
United Kingdom
Tel +44 203 393 1150
Mob +44 7966 566 001
From the US: 1-800-847-4998

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