For Those Getting Long Email Disclaimers from People at Companies That Have Been Sued Waaay Too Much

Over the last few years I have noticed that my inbound emails have been appended with longer and longer “disclaimers” which essentially drown out all of the actual “content” in the emails. These disclaimers begin by a) disavowing  anything actually said in the emails b) threatening legal action against anyone who might misuse the [...]

What Are They Scared Of? China’s Leaked Official Guidelines On How To Handle Google Pullout Stories

The below is an excerpt from a Telegraph article summarizing China’s rules on how to treat the Google story. It makes for interesting reading. What are they scared of?
On March 23, the Propaganda ministry (sometimes given the Orwellian nickname of the Ministry of Truth) told editors and web sites:
All chief editors and managers:
Google has [...]