For Those Getting Long Email Disclaimers from People at Companies That Have Been Sued Waaay Too Much

Over the last few years I have noticed that my inbound emails have been appended with longer and longer “disclaimers” which essentially drown out all of the actual “content” in the emails. These disclaimers begin by a) disavowing  anything actually said in the emails b) threatening legal action against anyone who might misuse the [...]

Why “Pay-per-Lead” Just Won’t Work in Some Markets and the Need for Pay-per-Sale

Online marketers who work with non-eCommerce companies will be aware of “lead generation” as an online business model, and its shortcomings. The “lead generation” company will drive traffic through nefarious means, such as offering prizes, sweepstakes, gambling, or porn credits. The lower the quality of the traffic, the lower the price-per-lead. Since the quality [...]

Perfect Storm Media Shortlisted for 3 A4U Awards in 2010!

Perfect Storm was shortlisted for 3 categories at the 2010 A4U Awards (Affiliates4U). The awards “reward excellence and innovation as chosen by a panel of judges from the affiliate and digital marketing sector and by the community.” PSM was shortlisted for “Innovation” for our work with, for “Best Paid Search Partnership” with [...]